Testimonials for Teaching

Sandi Plewis is a talented writer who helped me reach inside myself and express my story. Sandi listens to what you have to say and gives helpful advice with her expert editing on how to make your story more interesting and definitely encourages the writer to ‘show’ not ‘tell’. The best decision I made in 2007 was to sign up for her writing course. As Sandi has said, “Everyone has a story.”
Jackie Long

I wanted to thank you for the course. My point of view is that of a student but also one who was responsible for the pedagogy of 15 schools and the curriculum from K-12. I was impressed with the detail of curriculum [in your class]. You present well, Sandi. I hope your other students know how well they are served.
Philip McMillan

I really enjoyed and got a lot out of the workshops. Your preparation and knowledge along with your enthusiasm for the craft of writing were very impressive. You have given me a greater appreciation of the elements necessary for good writing, not the least of which are dedication and hard work. Thanks!
Don Bainer

It feels amazing to have done something I’ve wanted to do for years and I want to thank you for your role in that … I found the course informative, inspiring, humbling and powerful in many very personal ways. Thanks again for the work you put into it and, more importantly, for your passionate commitment to writing …
Bonnie Cooper

Sandi is a wonderful teacher. I participated in three of her writing courses. I learned, through her encouragement, to let my imagination guide me and then to put my thoughts on paper using concise rules and suggestions. With Sandi’s help, I am now ready to send my stories to publishers.
Fran Hook

I knew I enjoyed putting words on paper but had no idea how to build a story. Sandi provided the tools, exercises and examples of how to do so.
More importantly, her positive and encouraging support kept me writing. She was precise and thorough in her critique of my work but also gave me ways to move forward to a far better story.
Brenda Peck

I want to thank you for your honesty and your encouragement. I want to learn to make these experiences into a good fictional read … You are helping me with that …
Johanna Steegstra